Diem Jones is strategist, arts administrator, poet and musician. He is currently Executive Director of
Voices of Our Nations Arts Foundation, CEO at All One Consulting Group and recently Director of Grants
at the Houston Arts Alliance. Jones was Deputy Director for Arts Council Silicon, and served as
Administrative Director of East Bay Center for the Performing Arts, Director of the MFA Program in
Creative Writing at Saint Mary’s College, National Director of WritersCorps, Grants Administrator at the
DC Commission on the Arts, Associate Director of Associated Writing Programs and Creative Director for
George Clinton and the Parliament-Funkadelic.
His most recent musical spoken-word CD, A Spirit of Oui and his previous CD’s Equanimity (which was
nominated for a Grammy) and Black Fish Jazz have been performed with the Equanimity Band at venues
throughout the US including the San Jose Jazz Festival. His most recent ebook, The Oui Chronicles, was
released in conduction with A Spirit of Oui. His debut
book of poetry, Sufi Warrior, was received by audiences at readings in; Cairo, Egypt; Seattle,
Washington; Portland, Oregon; Washington, DC and throughout the San Francisco Bay area. In addition,
Diem Jones, aka Dr. Fladimir MS Woo/Dr. H.M. Joy was Creative Director and Photographer for George
Clinton and the Parliament-Funkadelic during the 70’s & 80’s. His photo biography of George Clinton and
Parliament-Funkadelic, #1 Bimini Road, continues to be a best seller in the ever-expanding fan base of
the group. Jones’s photography and designs has been exhibited internationally.

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